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MPOS is an electronic point of sale (epos) system, which consists of a back office computer and state of the art touchscreen tills, which allow you to run your store more efficiently. It was designed and created by experienced retailers that thought an epos system should minimise a retailer's workload and give the retailer more control over their store, rather than burden them with extra work.

Our system is based on live stock control, which means that the stock level is processed after every sale, ensuring that the system stock level matches the actual physical stock level.

Using the user-friendly interface of MPOS till software, and with our proven methodologies, we can show you how to easily increase your profit by between 1% and 3%.

Why You Need MPOS

MPOS can increase your current profit margin by up to 3%. This means that if your shop has a turnover of £7000 per week, you could make an extra 10,920 per annum!

MPOS allows you as the store owner to control your stock and cash as well as increasing your sales while doing day-to-day tasks at the same time. This means not only are you saving yourself time, you are also reducing the amount of stress you deal with while running your shop.

Some of the features of MPos :

  • Till Safe Drops
  • Track & Log Vouchers
  • Wastage Management
  • Live Stock Control
  • VAT Rate Management
  • Automated Report Emailer
  • Till Stand-Alone Option
  • Electronic Ordering<
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Status Bar Staff Alerts
  • Full Electronic Audit
  • Multiple Reporting Options
  • News Stock Control
  • Supplier Maintenance
  • One-Touch & Scheduled System Back-ups
  • Label Generator
  • Online Point of Sale Creator
  • Shelf Edge Label Generator
  • Electronic Delivery Notes
  • Returns & Refund Management
  • Supplier Promotions Downloads
  • Automated End of Day Procedures
  • Windows Touch Screen Terminals
  • Manager & Staff Control Levels
  • Age Checking & Online Refusal Log
  • Fully Integrated Chip & Pin Facility
  • Department/ Sub-department Maintenance
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Advance Promotions Creation
  • Batch Product Ammendments

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