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the Retailer

Business Intelligence
to get your
range right

Earn 3%
more profit from
your retail store

Technology to help grow your business

Providing you with cutting Edge business tech

MPos - It may look like a till, you may think it’s a till but it’s actually your full time, in store business advisor.

It’s the beating heart of your business created to give you confidence and comfort that your store is making you money. Sure it handles the cash no problem but it’s what it tells you about your business that makes it an invaluable tool in running your retail outlet.

What your selling, when, to whom, who’s selling it, what the customer is paying for it, how much you’re paying for it, how that compares with rrp’s, supplier prices - where’s the best supplier to buy it all, how much profit you’re making on it ,how to make more, how much you are selling, security, stock control, auto ordering, links to suppliers for price promotions and these are just some of the many points you need to have under control to have any small chance of running a successful retail outlet today.

Mpos systems take care of all this for you and more.

It will make you information rich - use it right and it could help make you rich.

Our Services

MHouse Solutions offers a range of managed IT services that can be built into a tailored package to meet your business specific needs. MHouse Solutions has also heavily invested in a new call centre and help desk to further strengthen our support infrastructure to help serve our clients.



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